The Truths and Myths of RTP for Playing Slot Games Online

RTP means a return to the player through, which is expressed in the form of a percentage. Through this, a player can expect bets and winnings. It is represented as the house of edges while playing slot machine games. For a player, calculating RTP is very easier because it is stimulated with a greater number of betting rounds.

There are so many truths and myths about a return to the player while considering slot games. It is not true to believe that online casino games are completely manipulative by undergoing the conspiracy of RTP. There is a game developer through which a server is created for accessing the core of RTP. Through demo slot pragmatic, you can choose any game according to your choice and genre for beginning gambling games.

High Volatility

  • If 95% of RTP is considered, then a player will lose 5% from the bankroll.
  • RTP indicates the possibility of winning and losing while playing the game.
  • There is a high volatility of RTP while playing the game.
  • If you are a slot lover and have been playing this game for a longer time, then you will hear what exactly return to player means.


It comes with so many factors through which playing slot machine games become easier for every player. The number of RTP is calculated by making a higher number of spins. There is a complicated maths behind RTP which every player needs to understand before beginning the game. While playing a game, the pay lines are associated in a very large number.

Developing New Games

  • You can develop new games by setting a percentage rate.
  • The rate of RTP is 98% which varies with an infinite number of spins.
  • There are some variances with RTP through which a player can set low variances while playing slot games.
  • RTP also varies from land-based slot games to online slot games.
  • There are so many players who are choosing this platform to get higher returns.
  • There is a major difference between land-based and online slots through which you can manage higher RTP rates.

Land-Based Slots

When a player is playing land-based slots, then the return is set in between 70-90%, whereas when you are playing online casino games, then RTP is set between 94-95%. So there is a conspiracy for playing both games so it will help in generating a higher RTP rate.

Variations in RTP

There is a variation in RTP through which a random change is associated with playing games. As a result, it has become irrelevant for users to access RTP in a single session. As a reason, while playing slots, there is 96% of RTP associated with better pay off.

Playing as a Single Session

If you are playing a single session, then there is no requirement to use RTP. By considering the option of progressive jackpots, you will be able to use and influence the real RTP by playing slot games. Here volatility varies with the higher rate of the slot. In terms of calculating slots, there is a hit rate which varies from low to high.